Paul Epps reminded me of Don Carmen, the pitcher who, in 1990, uttered the famous words to a reporter:

“They don’t pay me to hit.”  Carmen went on to reporter-fame heaven by posting his responses to reporters’ questions on his locker room door.

So, I thought about the similar responses here in the ‘normal’ workplace.

1.  Really?  No one told me.

2.  1970: I have to do some research at the Library. 1990: My kid has a soccer game. 2000:  I have a doctor’s appointment.  2006:  What’s it to you?

3.  That’s not my job.

4.  But MySpace helps me stay in touch with the culture.

5.  You can’t monitor my emails.

6.  We have to make a profit.

7.  Let’s automate everything that has to do with the customer.  It will make them happy.

8.  I understand our customer.

9.  Let’s be careful, only small, incremental changes.  Anything else is too risky.

10. Just tell me what you want me to do and I will do it.