From Toby Dayton’s Diggings, November 6, 2008–

The October jobs report is scheduled to be released sometime this morning, but if the data generated from is any indicator, the numbers may not be as bad as economists predict. LinkUp aggregates and publishes job listings directly from company web sites themselves. The September and October jobs data includes job listings from 9,753 companies in the U.S.

For those 9,753 companies in the data set, total jobs listed for the month rose from just over 1 million in September to 1.3 million in October. New jobs posted to their company web sites rose from 777,299 in September to just over 1 million in October. Every state showed an increase in both new jobs and total jobs posted with the exception of Oregon and Idaho.

We’ll see how this data compares to the U.S. Department of Labor figures released later today, but my guess is those numbers will show continued massive erosion of jobs throughout the economy. Assuming that is the case, the challenge will be in reconciling the information. While the LinkUp data only includes job openings for roughly 10,000 companies in the U.S., they tend to be larger companies that actually have jobs posted on their company web sites (the average company found on LinkUp had 133 jobs posted on their site in October). As a result, the site does not factor into account the millions of small businesses that do not have a company web site or post jobs on their company web site if they have one.

Regardless to what extent the LinkUp data is an indicator of what is happening in the broader U.S. economy (and I happen to think it is relevant to some degree), there is no doubt that LinkUp is the single best site on the web to look for a job. Where else are you going to find 1.3 million current, real jobs from real companies, many of which are unadvertised anywhere else on the web? Just as appealing, those jobs are made available without the hassle of having to wade through irrelevant postings, 3rd-party clutter, annoying advertising, job scams, and phishing and identity theft expeditions.

NOTE: For those websites and bloggers who want to showcase real, available, local jobs on their own site visit the LinkUp widget page. In minutes you can show your readers these jobs which have been painstakingly gleaned from company websites…most of these jobs are un-advertised.