Many of us are working in uncharted territory.  The economic environment is so different for many of us that it tends to paralyze activity.  It is easier  to wait and hope and wish for better times.

Perhaps it will help if YOU re-orient your own thinking.  Think of it as a great opportunity to test some ideas, to practice some activities that you have not yet had the chance to practice or implement.  If sales are down, instead of joining the grooup of whiners, YOU figure out how to do better, how to motivate your own sales staff.  If you notice that people are hunkering down, hiding even, YOU be the one to be the spark of optimism.  If you notice that few new ideas are seeing the light of day, YOU be the one who re doubles your own creative engine.  YOU be the one who puts out more ideas, not fewer.

This will pay off either immediately or in the future.  Don’t be like this guy: