You most likely saw the last minute or so of the Minnesota Vikings-San Francisco 49′ers game.  You know, the one where Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass with two seconds left.  Two seconds.  It. Was. Amazing.

I used this game, and mostly the heroics of Brett Favre to write a blog post for US NEWS called “Lessons from Brett Favre.”  I was contemplating calling it WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE OLD GUYS, but thought better of it.  You can see the Five Lessons by reading here.

Luckily, Nick Corcodilos must be eating the same cheerios because his post today in his readers’ forum is a request to give better answers to the more experienced among us who find themselves unemployable or, at least, un-hireable.  Timely.

I also want to re-direct  you to Seth Godin’s guest post here on WWDS some time back which he called “Don’t Try to Get a Job.”

There is a connection in there, don’t you think?