Today’s post is part of the Career Collective, where a few of my friends gather to offer up some suggestions for today’s job seeker. The topic of the month is to provide some transition guidance for job seekers who find themselves either without a job or starting a new one. That’s paraphrased but I am sticking to it.

One of the benefits in beginning any new endeavor—school, relationship or job—is that you have a real chance to hit the reset button on those activities or attitudes that did not work for you.

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Back to my original post and idea–Let me give you a couple examples.

1. Letting your associations hinder your own advancement. We all have friends or relatives that sometimes embarrass us. That’s well and good. I am not advocating throwing your friends under the bus just yet. I am talking about associating with the ‘bad’ element inside a company. You know what and who I mean. It is the guy who is always complaining about ‘them.’ Let me tell you…this is not the proven way to advance your career. Now is the time to assess why you seem to attract this person or even better, resolve to associate yourselves with winning, rather than, losing elements. It shows up in small things too. I have a friend who thought if he volunteered to take notes at a board meeting, that would be helpful in his career advancement path. When he mentioned to the CEO that he would like that task, in addition to his other workload, the CEO asked him why? The CEO considered this particular role of no real value, more of a note taker, and far below the value he has assumed for my friend. My friend was wise enough to gracefully back away from that postion. You are who you hang with, and even more importantly, how you choose to spend your time.

2. A personality do-over. I am not advocating a personality change, but maybe a makeover is desirable. Has your shyness hindered your development? Have you always tried to join the cool group? Have you always made improper jokes or references? Have you noticed how most people don’t really include you? When you move into a new company, this is a perfect time to try other approaches. I am not saying to be insincere or not genuine, just be more aware of those things that are in your control, and adjust accordingly. When I was in third grade, my older sister had the brilliant idea that I should be known by middle name instead of my initials. She helped me by putting this new name on all my schoolbooks. When I went to school and announced to all my friends what my new name was going to be, well, you know what happened. I was the laughing stock of Third Grade. That experiment lasted only until recess of the first day. The point is, it is difficult to change how people see you while you are there. But if I had moved to a new school, my new “name” might have had a better chance. Same with you and your new job. Change those things that are not working for you. Go read an old post called “Ten Things to do Today to Be More LIkeable.”

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