It is common knowledge that we learn in lists (Here are the three things you need to remember, Johnny) or in nursery-type rhymes (30 days hath September…50 years later and I still USE that one).

Since so many of the bloggers you read use lists, including yours truly.  I thought I would take a few minutes to create some new rhymes for you.  Ten of them.

1. How To Get the Interview

Network and ask,

Network and ask,

Then bask.

2.  First Day on the Job

Pay attention, smile.

At lunch, go;

Bitch sessions, don’t go.

Open your mouth, no.

But have fun, yo.

3.  On Saving Money When Unemployed

Coffee is ok at Pantry Pride,

Gas is pricey, lose the ride,

Cancel package of NFL,

It’ll all be well.

4. How To Search for a New Job

Don’t go where everyone goes,

A Big job board blows,

Check out their career portal,

Or stand on the corner,

and yodel.

5.  What Not to Say

Last company sucked,

Systems I bucked,

I want your job,

May I call you Bob?

6.  Big Questions

Tell me ’bout You?

What happened, this year or two?

For us, got a skill?

Are you ready for a thrill?

7.  Not Going to Happen

Pay me not to work,

My middle name is Shirk,

We should make a rule,

That those who already have a job,

Can’t be cruel.

8.  Advice-Givers

You’re not my Dad,

His advice is always Bad,

Well, most.

He did get smarter,

When I got older.

9.  Can’t Get a Job

But I am charismatic,

Only a slight asthmatic,

I like my iron.

10.  Job Searching

What I do is,

Send out 100 resumes a day,

Only by email,

Saving money here,

Got a beer?

Ed. Note: Hat tip to TheCynicalGirl for reminding me of this, this morning. Number one on my list: Steal Ideas from others.