I read today that the Color of the Year is “honeysuckle.”

Isn’t American great?  Personally, I gave up on color back in the 1980′s.  I can’t tell green from aqua and certainly not teal from quickgivemeanothercolor.  But Honeysuckle?  Last I recall that was a plant, not  a color.  Ok, vine.

If you have ever had to paint your ceiling, you know there is no longer just simple White paint.  There’s Ceiling white but not wall white.  There’s Cloud White, Right White, Eggshell, White Satin and Off.  I am sure there are more.  It is all pretty confusing.

For most men, getting dressed in the morning is yet another case of staring in the mirror, wondering if we can  avoid that one question, “Does this go?”  I hate asking that question because invariably it means I have to take something off and rummage through my closet to find something else.  Repeat.

Two decades ago, a very popular business guy here in my town always wore the same thing, a sincere blue suit with a vest, white shirt, various ties, black shoes.  He confessed he owned three of exactly the same suit.  He was my hero.  I adapted his idea and now only wear black pants, black belt, black shoes, black socks.  I go crazy with the shirt.  I am telling you, this is a tip you know you will like, at least until Garanimals For Men hit the market.